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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2008
Categories: 2008 (
), Deluxe Walmart Exclusive (
), Movie (
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Reviews - Movie Decepticon Fracture (Wal-Mart exclusive)

Decepticon Spike
Great possibility, and I prefer this paint job to the mirage one. This is a must have mold! It's definitely Crasher from Go-Bots!
max the 2nd
this was one of the repaints that went frist before i could get my hands n one
Bass X0
A great repaint. You can just imagine Crasher's classic laugh coming from her. Really is an awesome homage. Even if you don't remember or care for Gobots, this is still a fun color scheme; take that repaint haters!!! No QC issues on mine that I can find.
The best figure I have bought in a whole 2 years since well, Alternators Mirage. Poseability is great and simple. Compared to other figures this is bit baffling but its amazing what simplicity can achieve if the designers put their mind to it.
Wheelie Is My Name
I always wondered what mirage would look like a decepicon. I know its not really mirage. WOW a female decpticon. When i was kid I always thought mirage would become a decepticon.
I already have Mirage, but was glad to pick this one up. I love the colors. Would have been a 10 but the left one half of the spoiler/foot is REALLY loose. Quality control needs to be beaten severely.
Kaiser Prime
I don't usually care for re-decos. But once I read her profile I realized this is actually crasher from the go-bots. Sweet!
i skipped on Classics Mirage, and after getting this re-paint, i'm kicking myself! very lean in both modes, but still is very durable. colors are nicely done, but pink face is... odd. a great addition to the other Classics you may have!
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