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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2010
Categories: 2010 (
), Battle Ops (
), Hunt for the Decepticons (
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Reviews - Hunt for the Decepticons Battle Ops Bumblebee

Decepticon Spike
Looks great with my Indiana Jones Mutt Williams figure I use for Sam. The arms could be more possible.
Could be a bit more posable in the hands/arms, and the soundclips are pretty lame (no DEVO this time? Really?) but still a rad figure. Fun transfromation, cool weapon gimmick, and the faceplate is fun. Very good overall, but get Leader Starscream first.
As a toy, it looks beautiful, but I just cannot see the reasoning in getting a Bumblebee that is in scale with NO ONE! Not even a GI Joe. He's a gleaming yellow giant for no reason. Get Battle Blade Bumblebee instead.
Only two problems. 1. Give the cannon arm a shoulder joint so the arm can move sideways. 2. Give the hand a wrist so the hand can be moved around. Maybe a ball joint.
It's basically an oversized human alliance bumblebee with a massive amount of improvements. It has more accurate arms and legs and the panels fit together more precisely in car mode. The right arm cannon mech-alive is neat but it also hinders poseability.
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