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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2011
Categories: 2011 (
), Misc (
), Reveal The Shield (
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Reviews - Reveal The Shield Battle In Space Rodimus & Cyclonus

Great update to the original figures. Cyclonus looks spot-on as usual, but the maroon on Rodimus is a bit thin. The chrome matrix is why I recommend buying this set. I like how they're commemorating the movie with this set, classics Scourge and Unicron.
I already had Classics Rodimus (Hot Rod), and decided that the new Rodimus repaint bears purchasing. And the fact that Cyclonus looked uber-accurate. Plus the diecast matrix (on my keychain) is a great bonus. Great buy.
Rodimus: Holds this set back a bit. Bright red plastic feels cheap-ish, shoulder joint pops out, but other wise a good figure, panels in car mode line up nicely. Doesn't quite go with the fansproject protector armor, but close enough. Plus a matrix!
Cyclonus: A good solid figure, tighter joints than the first run of this mold. Cartoon accurate color scheme really sells this guy. Nightstick is a solid figure as well in his new shiny colors...
Cracked and loose ball joints and worn plastic right out of the box, yellow paint smudge on Rodimus' roof and Cyclonus' nose cone looks like it's been melted and bent. Quality control realy low on my set. Dissapointed :(
i missed out on classics hot rod, and was wanting a properly colored cyclonus for a while.this set is a perfect example of a great 2 pack. the die cast matrix that comes with the set is perfect to put on a necklace. i have wore mine everyday for weeks!!!
Jack Prime
I saw this two pack at walmart and initially passed, but after my nephew got it for his birthday and I got a chance to see them in person I had to have it. Cyclonus in cartoon accurate colors, plus I never had Hot Rod one of my favorites, matrix must have
Just picked 'em up & have to say they're not half bad considering the cheaper plastic/paint quality. Even if you have the originals like me, they're worth getting for the little bonuses. Hot Rod has an anti-social arm joint which drops a point (& a limb!)
Cool colors overall, but the plastic feels cheap for some reason compared to my Sons of Cybertron Hotrod. Comic is pretty lousy (They refer to Skids as Lugnut AND Warpath). Diecast matrix is cool, and the colors are nice, but that cheap-feeling plastic...
Cyclonus looks wicked awesome in his cartoon accurate colors. Loses a point for the rubsigns instead of faction symbols. Diecast metal matrix is cool and the comic was a nice touch. Hot Rod looks nice, but Cyclonus is what sells this set. Great G1 homage.
Mold issues with original Hot Rod were fixed,he's seamless now.Cyclonus' wings and Nightstick have been improved,he looks FAR better with a cohesive color scheme.Tiny matrix is pure win.Comic is painfully poor.All hail the purple space pope jet.
just picked these guys up and loved the originals so its no surprise i loved these enough to buy the rts versions. got rotimus and thanks to fp now have rodimus prime also
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