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Reviews - G1 Sunstreaker

When I received mine, by a purchase on ebay I realise how retro and how cool it was. since them, one of my favourite Autobot Cars, and nowadays one of the most dificult to find both to Wheeljack.
Hate the arms, and also the bottom piece. Also hate the yellow things on the shoulders (I still don´t know which side is correct) But his car mode is great.
I still have this tf and he's cool and I've had him since 84. The only reason I didn't give him a 10 is because his bottom undercar piece never really connected properly on my one, it kept dragging on the floor when rolling for punks to blow away.
I like Sunstreaker a lot but I like Sideswipe more. RE the figure: the face is a kinda funny looking (too big?), can't hold a gun, and arms don't bend fwd at the shoulder: HUGE pet peeve of mine(possibly worst articulation in '84 A-Cars except for Hound.)
Wheelie IS My Name
My first Transformer. Got him when I was 7 years old. Don't have it know. But I remember how cool it was. Still one of my favorites.
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