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Company: Hasbro
Release year: 2007
Categories: 2007 (
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Reviews - Titanium Optimus Prime - Robots in Disguise (6")

Most definatly one of the best in this line, solid transformition, good joints, and nice paint apps. a must have.
Nearly perfect Titanium. Sturdy, great looking in both mode, intricate transformations, and gimmick in the form of his laddering becoming an over-the-shoulder cannon. Loses only 1 point because it feels overly plasticy and not very metallic. Great toy.
Knight wing
Remembering the Titanium line is ment for collectors it's great. Between this Prime and the 6" Rodimus Prime I think Has/Tak/Tom has finnally got this line where it needs to be.
draconis of nebulos
Hands down 1 of the best in this line. T'formation is simple but fun. Figure is solid in both modes. Even has "shoulder launcher" mode 4 ladder in bot mode. Die cast metal used wisely & in the right places. A definate must-have for the Titanium series
Picked this guy up and he's fairly decent. Looks ok as fire truck and pretty good as a robot. Simple but fun transformation. Not floppy at all. Too little actual diecast and hollow robot legs has me dinging it a couple points though.
MUCH better than the actual RID optimus prime that came out in 2000. I really liked the RID Optimus Prime so I like this one ALOT. TEN. Thats all there is to it.
Kira Yamato
You know, I liked all anime Transformers series and Car Robots was one of them. Fire Convoy is my 2nd fave to G1.
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