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1.  G1 Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster, with Spaceshot & Blackout)
2.  G1 Axer (Action Master) with Off-Road Cycle
3.  G1 Banzai-Tron (Action Master) with Razor-Sharp
4.  G1 Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster, with Full-Barrel & Overflow)
5.  G1 Blaster (Action Master) with Flight Pack
6.  G1 Bumblebee (Action Master) with Heli-Pack
7.  G1 Devastator (Action Master - with Scorpulator)
8.  G1 Grimlock (Action Master)
9.  G1 Gutcruncher (Action Master) with Stratotronic Jet
10.  G1 Inferno (Action Master) with Hydro-Pack
11.  G1 Jackpot (Action Master - with Sights)
12.  G1 Jazz (Action Master - with Turbo Board)
13.  G1 Kick-Off (Action Master) with Turbo-Pack
14.  G1 Krok (Action Master - with Gatoraider)
15.  G1 Mainframe (Action Master - with Push-Button)
16.  G1 Megatron (Action Master) with Neutro-Fusion Tank
17.  G1 Micromaster Air Patrol (Blaze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, Tred Bolt)
18.  G1 Micromaster Cannon Transport (combiner transport - Cement-Head & Terror-Tread)
19.  G1 Micromaster Combiner Astro Squad (Barrage & Heave, Phaser & Blast Master, Moonrock & Missile Mast
20.  G1 Micromaster Combiner Battle Squad (Direct-Hit & Power Punch, Meltdown & Half-Track, Fireshot & Va
21.  G1 Micromaster Combiner Constructor Squad (Stonecruncher & Excavator, Grit & Knockout, Sledge & Hamm
22.  G1 Micromaster Combiner Metro Squad (Power Run & Strikedown, Oiler & Slide, Roadburner & Wheel Blaze
23.  G1 Micromaster Construction Patrol (Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, Takedown)
24.  G1 Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol (Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, Trip-Up)
25.  G1 Micromaster Military Patrol (Bombshock, Dropshot, Growl, Tracer)

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